We will make you feel comfortable

The A.R.C. Group of Companies is your perfect partner for new buildings and conversions and alterations. Our approach is simple but efficient: Specialization.

Each area will be covered by an individual highly professional company. This system ensures fourhold competency with regard to your living comfort – while you still enjoy a one stop service. Your one contact person of the European management board will take care of all your needs and requests. He knows what you want and he speaks your language.

Houses fulfill vastly different functions. They range from cozy homes to professional office spaces, meeting points or marketplaces.

However, such houses have one thing in common. The inhabitants,users and visitors want to feel comfortable. Exactly this is ensured by A.R.C. Group – for more than 10 years now. With technologies, materials and services guaranteeing a convenient climate. With insulation, windows, doors, air conditioning technology and solar energy.

Precise and sound like clockwork : Perfectly geared.

Seamless cooperation with suppliers and craftsmen should not be left to chance.

Since at A.R.C. the individual areas concerning the construction are bundled under one umbrella, you will never feel like left behind in the rain. The result of the perfect integration: sound timing and all stages of the construction proceed smoothly.